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Count On These Costa Rica Transportation Types

  • Dec 28 2016
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If your travel destination has a decent transportation facility, it is easier for a traveler to explore the area to the fullest, get to know its major points of interests, world class eateries and many more. Yes, transportation is the most preferred necessity to cover up long distances. What if your next vacation destination is deprived of an excellent transportation system – you are definitely not going to have the best time. Owing to the growing modernization, almost all the cities and towns have improved transportation services.

Heading to Costa Rica? The country has the most advanced transportation services for its visitors. When the vacation destination is Costa Rica, one would simply be excited to see its diversity, active volcanoes, lush green rainforests, pristine sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls, stunning lakes and vibrant nightlife. Vacationing in the rugged, rain forested Central American country is like dreams come true. There is no dearth of adventure stuff. Anyone wishing to get an adrenaline rush, Costa Rica will not disappoint them for sure.

Zipping around Costa Rica is not so hectic. Thanks to the varied transportation options that include air connections, taxis, buses and train. Be it the road or the air, you are assured to avail the best service. The ride is surely going to be comfortable, easy and relaxed.

By Road:

Look for a private road transfer and enjoy a smooth ride. Travelers who believe in having the best of facilities often opt for private chauffeur. This is the best option to count on as far as luxury and freedom is concerned. Ask the driver to drive you through the city and the mountains and be bestowed great sights. Taxis, buses and airport shuttle services can also be considered to make your ride contented.

By Water:

Taxi-boats? Do they make a wonderful mean of exploring the flora and fauna of Costa Rica? Yes, they do. Taxi-boats are regarded as the most adventurous way to zip around the area. Moreover, ferry services are offered by many companies.

By Air:

There’s no denying the fact that each transportation option has its unique way of seeing the place. When it comes to taking a view from the sky (remember that Costa Rica looks more stunning and breathtaking from the top), you can always rely on booking of the helicopter on shared or private modes. Even if you are on a shoestring budget, these services can be obtained at the affordable prices. Charter flights lure the spendthrifts. Choose the right option.

Every city and town has something for the travelers. The best thing about visiting Costa Rica is that you are never going to run short of attractions and activities. Cities like San Jose, Jaco, Quepos, Nicoya, Limon and Liberia boast a wide gamut of fun things. If your travel bucket-list includes all these destinations, you can always find an impressive place to stay for your family. Let’s say you are heading to Tamarindo, this beautiful town is teeming with Tamarindo house rentals. Choose yours!



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Fascinating interview Matt! You know, as long as we still have even 1 of our 5 sensens, this world is worth it to live.

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Fascinating interview Matt! You know, as long as we still have even 1 of our 5 sensens, this world is worth it to live.